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Electric Garage Door Repair

The key to keeping a functional electric garage door in Calgary is proper services. It will also help if you choose the right opener from the start too. Openers have become the main component of all electric doors. Regardless of their motor, they provide the power to move the door automatically. They also include a number of features to increase security and safety and make using the door easy. When problems are not fixed and the opener is not maintained, all Electric Garage Door Calgarybenefits disappear. So, call our experts here at Garage Door Repair Calgary if you want our assistance.

Problems with the electric garage door? Call us to fix them

We are an electric garage door repair company in Calgary, Alberta, and ready to assist you with any problem. Our main concern is to fix the opener as soon as possible. For this reason, we are organized and prepared to deal with sudden opener problems in no time.

  • The garage door won’t close?
  • It won’t go all the way down?
  • The door is reversing without obstructions?
  • The motor is silent or noisy?
  • The opener is humming?

We provide fast electric garage door repair

Call our company for same day electric garage door opener repair. With experience in all opener brands and thus the skills to repair all models, our techs can fix up yours. Depending on the problem, our service might include:

  • Sensors replacement
  • Motor repair
  • Travel limit adjustment
  • Remote control replacement
  • Safety inspection

We can fix problems but also offer maintenance electric door opener service. When you call us frequently to inspect and service the opener, you won’t deal with problems.

Of course, we are always here to handle problems related to any other component of your door – from cables to tracks and springs.

Our techs can install any new electric garage door

We also have the skills to provide trusted electric garage door installation. Not only do our techs have the required expertise but are also committed to installing both the door and opener with accuracy. We make all adjustments needed to enable the door to close well and move all the way up. Our techs place all safety features right and check the performance of the door.

Call our local company for Calgary electric garage door services. From same day repairs to new installations, we do everything right.